I consider Nature a form of magic, and through the years, Gaia – as I call this powerful connecting energy – has become my biggest inspiration; painting my photographs as I capture people’s essence alongside the enchantment of our natural world.

I was born in the beautiful archipelago of the Azores, Portugal,

The island where I was born – São Miguel – is known as “The Green Island” due to its striking and captivating natural beauty. It is, therefore, not a surprise that this paradisiac view of the world, from such a tender age, has left a great impact on me, and thereupon my art.


I am a Conceptual Portrait Photographer based in London, United Kingdom. 

Since I was a young  girl, I have always been drawn to fairytales and mythological stories. It is these elements, alongside my interest for fashion photography, that inspire my portraits.

My fascination for colours is also instilled in my post-production, where I enhance and bring colours to life using Adobe Photoshop. This led me to achieve an Adobe Certified Associate certification in March 2014.  


Published and featured internationally in the following print and online magazines:

Avari Magazine
Dark Beauty Magazine
FEMME Rebelle Magazine
Whim Magazine
Elegant Magazine
Conceptual Magazine
Surreal Beauty Magazine
Photo Vogue
Scorpio Jin
Abismo Humano
Pagan Dawn

 Copyright by my dear friend and Photographer  Ella Ruth .

Copyright by my dear friend and Photographer Ella Ruth.