The Retouching Process 

I use Adobe Photoshop CC for all my editing work. That means I will personally retouch each photograph individually. The retouching process can take 2 to 6 hours for each photograph, depending on the work needed.

My very favourite thing to retouch is colour. I simply love colour and how it can change the mood of a photograph.

I offer one-to-one or small group workshops to those who would like to learn how to retouch.  If interested in a workshop with me please get in touch.

You also have the option of buying my own Adobe Photoshop CC actions. To access the shop, please click here.

Below you can see an example of my retouching process from start to finish.



A composite is when I add parts of different images together to make one. This can be anything from enlarging a background, to making a dress longer or to changing the facial expression/pose of the body.

Composites are very time consuming, but they can make a photograph so much more enticing.